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Our Avo-Vera ComplexTM

The first hair care product that combines the strengths of Aloe Vera and Avocado Oil to promote more shine, softness, moisture, and manageability.


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Be on the track to healthier hair in a few simple steps.

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Meet Plentiful’s “Hair Doctor”

Dr. Nikki Hill

  • Dr. Nikki Hill is a board certified dermatologist and hair growth specialist, and the owner of the Skin of Culture and Hair Center in Atlanta, GA.
  • We are proud to announce the “Hair Doctor Series”
  • The “Hair Doctor Series” offers filmed and written content covering lots of subjects, including hair growth, hair health, scalp wellness, and so much more.
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The Hair Doctor is Here for Expert Hair Education.

See the Hair Doctor’s Advice Below:

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More Shine, More Softness, More Moisture, More Manageability

Amino Featherweight Cream
Amino Featherweight Cream
Regular price $18.00
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