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Curly to Straight Hair Styles

Although there is a new trend that promotes embracing your natural hair,  there is nothing wrong with straightening your hair as long as it is done safely. Are you looking for some great style options to rock your curly to straight tresses? No matter if you want to rock your hair curly, straight, or somewhere in between, check out the following curly to straight styles and try them for yourself.

Blow Out-Fro


Two styles that essentially involve you combing and primping your hair to your own liking, blowouts, and afros are like two sides to the same natural coin. On the one hand, you can add whatever curl enhancing creme you prefer and style your hair into a curly fro by combing it thru and combing/ teasing/ brushing it into place. On the flip side, by simply straightening your hair, you will have achieved a blowout or you can do this style on stretched hair with a texture somewhere in between. To rock,  simply give your hair a middle-front part and comb/brush it into place.

The Bob



One of the go-to style for women with shorter hair, the bob is a fun, flirty style that looks great on a variety of hair types and textures. A great style for work or play, a bob is a carefree style that frames the face and adds a bit of edge to the naturalista. Since the hair is typically cut into this style, there is little to do besides maintain it. Either way, keep in mind that this style looks totally cute no matter if you rock it with curly or straight hair. 

French Braids


A style great for those who have semi-short to long hair, French braids are simply two braids with a part down the middle of the head. No matter what color your hair is or if your hair is curly or straight, this style looks cute on almost anyone. Moreover, if you do not have enough hair it can even be achieved using extensions or even a wig. Either way, all it will take to achieve this style is a comb to part it down the middle, a brush to tame the hair and take care of the edges, and either some holding gel or maybe a bit of curl creme to help it stay in place. This style is fun, fairly easy to achieve, and can last days or even weeks when under proper care (such as oiling it daily and wrapping it up at night). 

Mohawk- Frohawk



No matter if you have an actual mohawk or rock of frohawk from time to time, these styles can be worn on hair that is curly or straight. If you are going for a more edgy look, you might try to rock it with straight hair. However, if you want something more low-key, you should definitely rock this one with curls. 

Overall, finding the best curly to straight hair styles dos not have to be a pain. Although many believe certain styles are reserved specifically for certain hair textures, as we learned with natural hair, don't knock it 'till you rock it! If these styles don't suit your fancy, try them out anyway! Natural hair is all about embracing the type and texture of your hair and finding new ways to present it that are as unique as they are authentically you. If you prefer to wear your curly hair straight, just keep in mind that proper hair care is essential. While there is nothing innately wrong with safely straightening your hair, since most processes put adds stress on the hair follicles, finding ways to properly condition, wrap, trim, and oil your hair will be vital to its longevity.

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