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Easy Hairstyles for Curly hair

One of the most misunderstood hair types in existence, many women of various cultures go out of their way to straighten their curly hair. No matter if this is done as a means of assimilating to mainstream beauty standards, personal preference, or if it's simply a method of making the hair seem easier to maintain, many people work hard to keep their hair from returning to its natural curly state. Moreover, one of the underlying reason many women (and even some men) choose to straighten their hair is due to the fact that they have trouble finding enough easy styling options to choose from. That said, the following is a closer look at a few easy hairstyles for curly hair.

Ponytail (Phony Tail)


One of the top and easiest hairstyles for anyone is the ponytail. Achieved by combing and/or brushing all of the hair to the side, middle, or back of the hand and securing it with an elastic band, this style is one of the quickest and easiest to create. If you don't quite have enough hair to create a full ponytail but have enough to pull it into a small bun, there are extensions you can purchase of all kinds to create this look. No matter if you want it long, short, or even ombre, you can find the perfect ponytail to suit your personal preferences at your local hair store or online. 

Braid Out


Another fun classic, a braid out style involves moistening the hair with water and/or a mixture of curl cremes, foams, butters, etc., leaving the braids in overnight, then unbraiding the hair and styling your free-flowing, crimpy tresses the next morning. Also great for any hair length, be sure to try a variety of products and methods when trying this style as what works for one person may not work well for another.

Curly Fro

Another style for those with long or short hair, the curly fro is a cute little style that can typically be achieved with little to no effort. Since your hair is already naturally curly, you simply need to make your curls pop. Using your favorite leave-in or other curl enhancing product, you simply work the product into the hair, comb it through, then tease and tame the style as desired.  You can add a part in the middle or the side, a headband or bow, a hat, or any other accessory you love. Either way, be sure to make it your own and if needed, don't forget to tame those edges!

High Bun


Lastly, a high bun is a fun style for those with naturally curly hair of varying lengths. Achieved in a similar method as creating a ponytail, the difference between a ponytail and a high bun is that you will wrap the hair into a ball instead of letting it flow freely. Great for all hair textures, if you can make a ponytail, you can make a bun. Moreover, there are also options for extensions for those who want to add the illusion of fullness.

Overall, there are plenty of easy styles for those with naturally curly hair. No matter if you like any of these styles or want to try something else, just keep n mind that everyone's hair is different and just because a style looks great on one person doesn't mean it will look amazing on you. What's important is to embrace your own personal texture and style and try to find the best options for the look you want to achieve. And the best thing about it is, if you aren't stoked on the style, you can always try again the next day!

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