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Natural Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair Definitive Guide

Growing your hair out can be a long and finicky process that requires much patience and determination. You may have undergone the big chop as you approach your natural hair journey and are getting your length back. Perhaps you’re in the process of regrowing a short cut you’ve worn for a while. Either way, having medium length hair can eventually become hard to style and manage. When your hair is at that in-between length, you may also find it difficult to find hairstyles that are versatile and can reflect the uniqueness of your personality. However, you should realize that medium length hair is actually the perfect length to experiment with various styles and looks.


One of the many pluses and beauty of natural hair is that shrinkage allows you to wear your hair at its shortest, or at its longest. Use a natural hair texturizer to capture the elongation of your curl and highlight the beauty of your length. Before you pull out the scissors based on ‘shear’ frustration, (pun intended) consider a variety of styles that will work for your medium length natural hair. We’ve captured quite a few that are fun, funky and will add some pizazz to your current line-up for medium length hairstyles. Go crazy and don’t be afraid to try something new and outside your comfort zone. Pushing your boundaries is good for the soul!

Faux-Hawk Medium Length Hairstyles


The faux hawk style has been trending for years and is a favorite among many a naturalista.

It’s an edgy style that really captures the versatility of your style profile and can be worn a number of ways. You can opt for a natural fro hawk with the sides twisted or braided. You can also release curls in the center from a rod set or twist out. If you’re a daring diva, shave some eye-catching designs into the sides.


The beauty of wearing faux hawks is that there is endless versatility in the number of styles you can use from one simple hairstyle concept. You can use a faux hawk for a gorgeous formal updo, bumped, twisted, braided- your options are numerous and plentiful.


Flat Twists and Braids with Curly Hair


When seeking fun and trendy, yet classic natural hairstyles for medium length hair, consider flat twists. Flat twists can be done in the front of the hair with the rest of the hair left out, encompass all of the hair and be styled differently at the crown or on the sides of a faux hawk. Flat twists are also much easier of a style to attain for those that don’t know how to do cornrow braids on their own. Play around with various parted patterns, like zigzags and sectioning to add dimension to the look. Ornamentation adds that extra pizazz for formal occasions.

Double Buns or Bun and Curly Styles


Princess Leia showed us years ago that double buns could be very sexy. This playful hairstyle is great for a casual day. It’s an easy and quick style to attain, but you can make it look more formal and increase the versatility of how double buns are worn by finishing the design with distinct beads, pins and other hair ornaments. Try adding intricate and detailed parts to separate the hair instead of a regular straight line to make this style even more unique and beautiful. You can even do buns in the front and leave the rest of the hair down.





An updo and upswept styles are a fantastic go-to for medium length hair. Never get bored with an updo, as there are so many different ways to execute looks here.


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Full Twist Out or Rod Set


A twist out or rod set will add volume and help tame naturally coarse textures like 4c hair. Whether you opt to wear the curly ringlet look fully out and volumized for that va-va voom appeal, or with pins, a headband, half up or half down- there are a variety of options from which to choose. Your styling techniques will allow this hair to go from the boardroom to date night, or from the laundry room to a casual night out with friends. You choose!


Dutch Braids


Dutch braids are a beautiful style that frame any face and can be worn for formal events, work or simple casual occasions. You can decide if you want to maintain your natural medium length or feed in additional hair for more thickness and length. Either way, Dutch braids are easy to achieve and play around with, whether styled to the side, up or traditionally- one on either side of the face.

Messy Buns and Other, Fun Bun Styles

The beauty of medium length hair is that it’s long enough to sweep up and capture the full volume and texture of your hair. A messy bun executed properly looks sexy and soft and is a great way to quickly style your hair without having to put too much attention to detail. It doesn’t take much to manipulate a messy bun. Simply sweep your hair up (use your fingers or a detangling brush instead of a brush that will smooth down your roots). Just add a few pins to hold your hair in place and some styling product to keep it on hold all day and voila! This is also a great style to wear when tackling inclement weather or when you don’t have a lot of time on your hands.

Buns and Other Updos with Bangs


If you have bangs, you may find it even more difficult to find a number of styles that will work for your hair. Messy buns and upsweeps are the perfect look for bangs. You can opt to add more hair to the bun or feed additional hair in to the upswept style to make it even more voluminous. Or just stick with your natural length and sweep it up accordingly. Slick and lay those edges down to look sleek yet undone for that ultra-sexy appeal.


You can also add braids or flat twists to a bang-inspired natural style. Pump up the volume by using a rod set on the bangs or adding a clip in. If you don’t have actual bangs, you can create the effect by using a clip in for the front after pulling and slicking the rest of your hair back. Creates an instant change!


Braid Out Looks for Medium Length Natural Hair


Natural curls are great, but if you want to revitalize and renew the texture of your hair and introduce something a little different, braid your hair completely and sleep in it. If you braid it while it’s slightly damp and let it dry naturally overnight, in the morning, you will have a luxuriously crimped style. This look works for virtually every hair type and grade. Don’t overwork or brush your hair out or you’ll lose the texture. Instead, run some moisturizer through your locks (or use a light mist moisturizer) and loosely style your hair with your fingers. Use a pick if you want to achieve massive volume.


If you aren’t a great braider, don’t worry. Regular box braids or even twists will give you similar results. Make larger braids and twists for big spirals and crimps and small braids or twists for smaller spirals and crimps.


Goddess Braids

Goddess braids will likely never go out of style and they will always be a hit for a woman with natural hair. This regal look can be executed a number of ways on any texture hair and is a phenomenal protective style for natural hair. You can decide whether you will feed hair in to increase length and dimension. For medium length hair that is naturally on the thin side, feeding-in additional hair is a great way to add volume. It’s also a phenomenal go-to style for any formal occasion like a wedding or prom.


You’ve learned how to manage and how to grow natural hair. It’s easier said than done but do your best to refrain from getting frustrated while you are in the in-between phase- after short but before long- with your hair. Your hair will get there in its own time. Instead of getting discouraged with a lack of ways to style your hair, try some (or all) of these many styles that will capture your personality. Most importantly, don’t forget to keep your hair hydrated, a healthy scalp and your ends trimmed regularly to prevent shedding and split ends. The healthier your hair, the longer and more luxuriously it will grow.


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