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Coconut Oil for Curly Hair Styles

One of the most used oils within the natural hair movement, many naturalistas prefer coconut oil because of its premium conditioning qualities, among other things. Are you considering using coconut oil on your natural tresses but need more information before you decide? Check out the following uses for coconut oil for curly hair styles.

Inexpensive Moisturizer


While you may have never considered this as you go-to moisturizer, for some, coconut oil has proven to be a godsend with regards to gaining and maintaining moisture. Inexpensive and able to be used as needed, many naturalistas consider coconut oil to be the go-to moisturizer with regards to styling and maintenance routines.

Styling Assistant

One of the top benefits of coconut oil for natural hair is that it helps make styles easier to achieve. While some products can have issues with flaking or other things once they have dried, coconut oil provides your hair with moisture and hold it needs to achieve many styles. Simply add a dab to each section of the hair and style as usual.


One common problem among those with naturally curly hair is having split ends. This can occur due to using the wrong products, failing to keep up with trims, and sleeping without wrapping the hair, among a variety of other ways. However, by conditioning your hair with coconut oil, you can combat those dreaded split ends and get your hair back in premium condition.

Hair Growth


No matter how long your hair is, you likely wouldn't mind it being even just a tad longer. Did you know that coconut oil can also help promote hair growth? That means you'll have more hair to achieve all these amazing natural hair styles! Given that it is rich in vitamin K, which promotes oxygen growth penetrate the cells and thus, helps with hair growth, using coconut oil regularly is a great way to add some length to those tresses.


Are you seeking a low-cost method of making your hair more manageable? By treating your hair with coconut oil before you shampoo it, you will boost the overall manageability of your hair. This is because most shampoos contain chemicals that can be drying and otherwise damaging to the hair. However, by treating your hair with coconut oil before you shampoo it, you will eliminate some of the effects caused by these chemicals.

Fight the Frizz

Another one of the top benefits of coconut oil for curly hair styles is that it helps to fight the frizz. Incidentally, this is also one of the main reasons people with naturally curly hair tend to avoid certain hair styles: the frizziness. However, coconut oil proves to be a fairly inexpensive method of taming those tresses. Therefore, by using it regularly when styling or caring for your hair can help put an end to this annoying issue.

Overall, coconut oil has many uses for those with natural hair. In addition to being a great way to add moisture and fight the frizz, help with styling, and even helping to make it more manageable, coconut is an inexpensive method of maintaining natural hair, which, as we know, tends to require lots of maintenance and moisture. While it may not be sufficient enough alone when paired with other oils (i.e. jojoba oil, olive oil, Shea butter, castor oil, eucalyptus oil, etc.) and products, coconut oil is one of the modern miracles of the natural hair community. No matter if you love it or not, there are many benefits to incorporating the use of coconut oil into your hair regimen.

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