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Top Crochet Hairstyles For Curly Hair

One of the best-kept secrets for women of all kinds, crocheting hair is an easy method of installing extensions quickly. Achieved much like a sew-in, hair crocheting involves braiding one's hair in cornrows and using the crochet method to install the extensions. However, as mentioned this method is often far easier than using other methods because rather than actually weaving it into the hair, it is simply connected where your braids meet the extension only. Are you looking for some great crochet styles that include curly hair? Look no further! Check out the following styles for inspiration

Long Kinky-Textured Tresses


One of the most popular ways to wear crochet hair is to rock a down-do using those pre-made crochet tresses. However, instead of worrying about thread and needles, you simply crochet the hair of your choice into the cornrows and your good to go!  If you purchase long, kinky-looking tresses, you will have a beautiful natural-looking style that can last you for weeks or even months. 

Shoulder Length Curls

NO matter if you prefer your curls to be tight or lose, shoulder-length curls are a great style for those looking to fuse crochet with a curly style. Simply choose the curly hair of your choice, make sure your cornrows are parted in the right place (in the middle or off to the side) and once you start to crochet the hair in, you will be able to see how much or little hair you want to add. Obviously, if you want it to look fuller, you would use more packs of hair. This style is fun and lasts a long time with proper care.


This is a fun style that can be achieved in a variety of ways. If you prefer not to do any styling of your crochet hair, then purchase the type of hair that looks most closely to the twist out you wish to achieve. On the other hand, if you don't mind doing a bit of work, you can purchase straighter hair and twist it up like you would do your own hair when doing a twist out. After you have sat under the dryer or allowed it to dry overnight, your crochet will look vibrant and will not need to be retwisted as often as your real hair does.



Like Beyonce told us, don't forget to rock that baby hair and those afros! Last but not least, crocheting an afro is one of the easiest ways to achieve this look. To do so, simply purchase afro hair that you can crochet. No matter if you want it to be more curly or just want a textured fro, you can find the exact look you are going for in the crochet section. Best of all, this is much easier to sleep on and revive than your own natural hair when rocking this style.

Overall, there are many crochet hairstyles with curly hair with curly hair to choose from. No matter if you want something funky, sassy, or anything in between, you can achieve your desired look with the use of crochet hair. However, although crochet is essentially a protective style, be sure to stay on top of hair care as failing to keep your hair trimmed and moisturized could cause major problems down the road. Either way, these styles are a fun way to totally switch up your look without compromising the texture of your hair. Moreover, these styles last for days, weeks, or even months, making them ideal for busy naturalistas or anyone who has trouble with grooming/ maintaining their own hair from one week to the next. 

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